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Services Overview
JAG provides a full range of programs and services to the court, to the offender and to the community. These include the following:

Standard Services Specialized Services to the Court
  • Become active participants in each local judicial system
  • Attend and participate in all court sessions
  • Confer with the court staff on cases
  • Confer with judges on cases
  • Prepare and execute warrants
  • Structure caseloads consistent with supervision levels
  • Maintain computerized records for every sentenced offender
  • Prepare delinquency reports and submit to judges
  • Prepare and file revocation petitions, modification orders, and coordinate scheduling for hearings
  • Provide testimony and supporting documentation at delinquency or revocation hearings
  • Collect fines, court costs, and restitution from defendants
  • Disburse collected monies, ordered by the court, weekly, monthly, or as directed by the court administrator
  • Employ professional probation officers who are at least 21 years of age, successfully complete a criminal background check, and have a minimum of two years college course work or 4 years of law enforcement experience in accordance with OCGA 42-8-107
  • All employed personnel will comply with initial training requirements and annual continuing education requirements as set forth by the Probation Advisory Council.
  • Provide monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, to the judge and/or contracting municipal or county government of all case management and financial management activities
  • Perform quarterly reviews of probation records by Quality Control or Comptroller to ensure case management in accordance with ordered terms and contract compliance
  • Meet with Judges, Court Staff, and/or other Governing Officials monthly to assess and review needs, concerns, and satisfaction

Services to the Offender
  • Provide professional, courteous service to assist in successfully completing probation requirements
  • Provide regular contact, determined by supervision levels, with graduated steps for those in full compliance
  • Each JAG office will have a minimum of one extended reporting day to 6:30 p.m.
  • Set up and coordinate community service work, and conduct periodic site visits
  • Provide employment assistance to unemployed offenders
  • Provide cognitive based psycho-educational programs, and or referrals for treatment as ordered by the court
  • Coordinate, schedule, monitor and report attendance in special treatment programs as ordered by the court
  • Provide daily intensive probation supervision to include, home confinement with use of electronic monitoring, daily contact, and drug and alcohol screening
  • Maintain business relationships with various firms to fulfill supervision requirements

Services to the Community
  • Develop strategies to reduce the incident of recidivism in the local community
  • Establish and maintain local community service work sites with agencies, and departments of the local contracting city or county
  • Develop a partnership with local community programs to meet specific needs of offenders in the areas of substance abuse or mental health counseling, adult literacy, job placement, victim assistance, and other needs identified by the court
  • All services are provided at no cost to the contracting city or county, or its tax payers
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